Ashely’s Story: How the PCS Process Actually Works to Hawaii

Author: Ashley Pitkin, Military Spouse

How the PCS Process to Hawaii Actually Works

      Our PCS to Hawaii was definitely the most stressful move we have ever done. Our Household goods were packed up 2 months before our actual move out date because it takes a long time for things to get on island. Luckily we had 2 vehicles as we shipped one 2 months in advance as well. The 2nd vehicle isn’t paid for by the Army so we sold that to my sister right before we flew out to come to Hawaii. 

        Our dog cost us about $800 to fly her on island and another $500 to keep her at the kennel for 30 days because her shots were done 3 days too late. Staying at a hotel with 3 kids for almost a month was probably the worst part of it all. Our house was a mess when we moved in, but we didn’t care our kids were over not having their stuff. We’ve been here about 5 months and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

       The island is just down right beautiful. The Locals are always kind and willing to help in anyway they can. I absolutely love Hawaii and all of the wait was beyond worth it. My 3 boys are loving island life and never want to leave. We were prepared to be without our Household goods for a while and had air mattresses, blankets and all my kids had a backpack full of special items! 

Ashley Pitkin Hawaii Military Spouse PCS

       We bought a island car about 6 weeks after we moved here. We paid about 1200 , but put about 2500 in it for transmission issues a few weeks after buying it. I recommend if you buy a car here have it checked out by a shop before paying. The seller didn’t tell us about the transmission and thankfully we had enough money to fix it. We live on post which was the cheapest option for our family and we love it. The commissary is super affordable compared to other grocery stores. We have access to a lot of free kid friendly activities and amenities. The schools aren’t the best and my kids are still adjusting to the short school days. I do a lot of at home studies and homework to help make up for it.

       This is only our 3rd duty station. Our first was Ft. Bliss 2nd Ft. Riley now Schofield Barracks. So far this is definitely my favorite of them all. I would highly recommend doing research on the schools and housing areas before you decide if it’s a good fit for your family. I have heard private schools and homeschooling is your best options for education here if you can afford it. Majority of the fun on the island is free. I try to stay away from the tourist attractions like luau and tours those things can add up quickly.

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