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Get inside information from someone who works at HRC. Learn anything from PCSing to getting hired on a military base as a military spouse!
Trying to transition into adult life gracefully? Are you confident in your car buying abilities? Check out these articles for practical information that can save you time and money!
Unearthed Lifestyle

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What we mean by ‘Unearthed Lifestyle’ is finding stories and knowledge known off the internet and applying it to your life. Our mission is to take the stress off of the most exhausting parts of our lives and create a simple step-by-step guide to finding the solution. We are in a time where the older generation only knows the practical information by word of mouth and a younger one that knows to ‘Google it’. We want our readers to be well-rounded with the best possible information and strive for success!

Rose Choneska

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Hello, my name is Rose and I’m the founder of Unearthed lifestyle. My purpose for writing is creating more instructive information on important events in your life. Being someone who has moved a lot, I’ve had many large topics thrown up in the air and so I’ve compiled that information that I’ve found useful throughout all my life transitions.
..getting to know me..

I grew up all over the place. I started my life on an Indian Reservation in New Mexico and have moved anywhere from Minnesota to Hawaii. Being passionate about my community and having mentors have shown me that the information I have is extremely valuable. I believe anything is attainable if you’re working to further others as well as yourself and that true power is empowering yourself.

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